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ABC Bedrijfsservice B.V.


We have specialised in secondment, staffing, recruitment and selection of skilled personnel for over 25 years. Based on this specialism, we provide companies with the right people with the right skills.

You know that skilled workers are scarce. To mediate between supply and demand, we therefore also look beyond national borders. Since the early 1980s, the recruitment, selection and secondment of foreign workers became one of our spearheads. We have a pool of capable workers from the EU, for a variety of jobs in the petrochemical, hospitality, production, metal, logistics and construction sectors, among others.

We bring supply and demand of temporary or flexible labour together. You do not have to worry about employment conditions and tax issues. We take care of it all, so that you can devote all your attention to the progress of your business processes.

And the employees themselves? They can count on a good job, with all the benefits you would expect from a good employer. So professionals can really focus on their profession. We take care of everything.


Why are we different?

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Our European network

 ABC spends a lot of time and energy recruiting good skilled workers. With our international recruitment department, we cover more than 15 countries within the EU. All carefully selected partners who provide us daily with new skilled and motivated candidates.

At ABC, we are convinced that good preparation is essential for finding the perfect match. We list your needs and requirements in detail to make the right selection.


For years, a reliable temporary employment agency in the petrochemical, hospitality, production, metal, logistics and construction sectors. Every day, we are committed to binding the most valuable professionals to ABC. With our years of experience in the industry, we know better than anyone how to reach, connect and, above all, retain skilled workers. We also get a lot of energy from unburdening our clients. They are very valuable to us. But their trust in our expertise is actually even more valuable! For advice and assistance on personnel issues, many people already know how to find their way to ABC. Many personnel issues are embedded in framework contracts in consultation with our clients. Something we are very proud of! For them, ABC is the connecting factor that ensures stability, continuity and, most importantly, competent professionals for every project, at any time. ABC is the bridge-builder between clients and skilled workers. A supporting factor for both parties. We ensure optimum job satisfaction for our skilled workers through good coaching, supervision and, if necessary, even accommodation. A complete package! With this total package, we provide clients with satisfied personnel.